Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Beautiful Evening & QRP

I took my KX 1 out on the front porch this evening to see how the bands were and was treated to two great qso's. The first was with Mike AA1TJ from Roxbury, VT. Mike was calling CQ on 20m. I threw my call sign back and the QSO was on. Both of us were QRP with myself running 2 watts. We talked the usual until the band faded out.

With 20m gone I moved down to 30m. The second QSO was with Dave K1DCT from Preston, CT. Dave was running an Icom at 5 watts. His signal was a solid 579. Dave sent me a 559 back which I was very happy with. After all my antenna consisted of an end fed wire with counterpoise. I have never been to CT so Dave and I talked about the differences between there and NC. I got a good laugh when Dave said he wished he lived south of the Mason Dixon because the weather was to cold during the winter and the food and drink are better here. I told him that we get the worst of each season, hi.

It is evenings like tonight with a nice sunset, great weather and great QSO's that make me love this hobby. Too bad I've got the bug to be back on the air again so close to leaving.

My report on the TX trip with APRS is forthcoming. I have to load my pictures up and don't remember how...



  1. Good morning Steve, it's great to read about the KX1 out door operating. Up this way the weather is slowly getting warmer but not yet there for outdoor op's with the KX1. I think when it comes down from it's winter hide away on the self I am going to have to re-introduce myself to what knob and switch and combo of switches does what....nice reading about the KX1 contacts.

  2. Hey Steve,

    Indeed, it was a FB QSO! Your KX1 sounded just great on my 2-transistor regenerative receiver. In fact, you're gonna laugh when you see what I was running here

    It sure is a great hobby, Steve. Thanks again and I hope to chat with you on the front porch again soon.

    Mike, AA1TJ



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