Wednesday, February 18, 2009

ABX relocation

Well I completed my relocation of the ABX filter on my Wilderness Sierra. It was previously located on the PCB. When I ordered my 30m module from Bob I also ordered a 10k pot and knob. This allows me to adjust from 1200-150hz without taking the top off of the radio and having to use a flat head screwdriver.

I had a hard time getting the old resistor out and I've done better solder work, but I made it work.

During the job I took the liberty of getting myself a cold beer. When I came back I noticed that Tyler had drawn a special picture for Daddy on the top of my Sierra!!! I was not happy. It took me a few minutes to cool down because nobody wants a pink drawing on the top of their Sierra. Oh well...I looked at it a couple of minutes ago and laughed about it. Guess it could be worse.

Here's a picture of the final product.

If you notice the VFO says 119.5. I made a QSO with Phil V31RW in Belize right out of the gate. I was happy that my 2.1watts got me a 559 into Belize with my new 30m module and panel mounted ABX control! Thanks for the QSO Phil.

72 till next time.


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  1. Steve, thanks for the picture of how you did the mod. Getting ready to do the same and it is very nice to see the example of one that worked. 73, Kelly K4UPG Orlando, FL will be watching for you on the air.



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